Garbage Disposal Advice

A food or garbage disposer is a nice complement to any kitchen, as it gets rid of garbage to the drain in your sink rather than leaving it rotting in the trash. A food crusher turns items you place into your drain into a paste that can easily be thrown into the pipes. As long as you have had a qualified electrician install a socket under the sink, a food grinder can be installed with relative ease.

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-Turn off the power to the outlet in which you intend to connect the grinder.

-Place a towel under the drain of your sink. Place the bucket on top of this towel.

-Put on your safety glasses and gloves.

-Use a pliers to unscrew and disconnect hoses extending from the bottom of the sink.

-Turn the sink flange counterclockwise to remove it from draining your sink. Get out of the trap.

-Apply a thin layer of plumber putty around the wires of the new sink flange. Place it in the drain of your sink.

-Place a heavy book on top of the flange to hold it in place.

-Hold the top assembly assembly from the food crusher to the underside of your sink. While holding there, use a screwdriver to secure the top mounting assembly to the flange.

-Refer to the instructions that came with your food shredder for where to place the sink seal. Slide the mounting ring over the edge of the sink.

-Connect the exhaust tube from your food mill to the drain hoses. Place the drain hoses on the exhaust outlet of the crusher and turn the fixture clockwise.

-Make sure that it is completely unclogged whenever you do anything with it as this can really mess up the motor if you don’t deal with it right away.

Now you are ready to plug in your garbage disposal and start using it.