Facts About Vietnam

Here are some little things about Vietnam that we would like you to know! This applies to the experience of our trip, it is no pretension of what are Vietnamese people like.


The traffic in Vietnam is chaotic, motorcycles circulating on the sidewalk, in the opposite direction, do not stop at the red light and cross a zebra crossing, it is quite an adventure.

As a car is horribly expensive, the Vietnamese people are riding motorcycles.

Sit down a Vietnamese

Vietnamese way of sitting surprised everyone. It is very difficult to conceive without support for the back on the floor and bend the legs as well, a person is able to maintain balance and also be comfortable.

Men, women, the elderly and children … any inhabitant of Vietnam is able to sit in this so curious way.

Cables in Vietnam

The whole street of several cities in Vietnam has a thick tangled black life above our heads, 3 meters above the ground … we are talking about Cables in Vietnam. Normally, only one cable is used for light, but a cable is pulled for each requires phone line.

Vietnamese Hat

Most Vietnamese is having a hat, Not so funny because they are more used for his presence in a film that seeks to distinguish one from a Chinese Vietnamese.

Its uses range from sunscreen, to collect rainwater and, of course, typical tourist souvenirs always there.


Vietnam is a communist country with a good relation with Cuba. During the war, the best students of the country went to Cuba to study. Therefore, they are able to speak Spanish fluently (Cuban accent). It’s funny to see a Vietnamese, Asian with slanted eyes, speak Cubano perfect.

Otherwise, English is spoken in the tourist areas, but it is difficult at some points of contact.


Yes, there is something in Vietnam, just be careful! Always watch your change before leaving and make sure you have the right item in your bag! The famous, fake taxi counters! If you board this kind of taxi, get off the taxi immediately, otherwise, you will see the speed of the meter. It goes so fast that you could saw a board of wood.

The Vietnamese are very friendly, and that’s even what some travelers think,

The Vietnamese are very proud and there is something to be!

There are many countries that want to hold their heads. But Vietnamese was so brave against its invaders.



How To Properly Train A Dog

Before we continue, we would like to make it very clear what is NOT to do during the training, because if we make the mistake of training our pet badly, it will cost us double or triple to retrain correctly. Let’s see what mistakes we should never make:

  • Never scream, can dogs tell if you are mad? Yes, scolding or hitting your dog is a big NO. Physical or psychological punishment is not effective, it is more than proven and it is a cruelty.
  • Never despair, patience is the mother of all sciences and the training of a dog takes time, you must have a lot of patience.
  • Do not use necklaces of suffocation or torture, it is an unnecessary cruelty. There are a thousand effective ways to train a dog and none of them is done through punishment or torture.
  • Never use different ways to address him, always call him by his name and then give him the order.

Now that you know everything that to do, it’s time to learn how to train a dog effectively. The first thing we must do is let our dog know who is the owner, the leader or alpha male of the command, as you prefer to call it.

Proper Training

The training of our partner must be done constantly, that is, to carry out a training work three or four times a week, continuously and perseveringly. We must begin the sessions after having made a long walk with our dog, it is based on having relieved, run played and done their needs before starting any training session. A dog that has not dribbled will never learn correctly because it simply will not concentrate.

To make the training sessions we must choose a quiet place, where no other dog can distract. There are no loud noises or constant passage of people. We need some privacy so that our pet learns as much as possible and concentrates.

We must bring prizes to reward our dog when he does the exercises well, dog biscuits, pieces of sausages or bread, they can be perfect prizes. Mimes and caresses are also good prizes to complement with the prizes in the form of food.


When our dog does an exercise well, we will congratulate him with enthusiasm. Good! Well done! This is how it is done!  Give him a cookie or piece of sausage as a reward. He must know that we are happy because he has done well, it is fundamental.

When our dog does bad exercise, we will simply go back to the initial position and start the exercise again. When you reach the part where you make the mistake, we will simply tell you in a firm voice, No! It is not necessary to shout or punish him, nor will we give him any prize.

The training sessions should not last more than half an hour, if we exceed half an hour, we must play a time not less than fifteen minutes before starting the training session again.

Never exceed the daily hour of training, we do not want to stress them.

Choosing a Flashlight: Tricks and Tips

Before choosing a flashlight, it is important to think about the use you want to make of it. By taking your different needs into account you will avoid making the wrong choice.
If possible, choose a light brand torch. For this type of product, it is a guarantee of quality and longevity.

Lighting and Power

The lighting of the flashlight is an essential element that must be taken into consideration when choosing. Pay particular attention to the power and duration of lighting. You can choose between various lighting such as LED flashlights seen here. These will make you enjoy a great light on those dark nights.

The lighting of the flashlight is an essential element that must be taken into consideration when choosing. Pay particular attention to the power and duration of lighting. You can choose between various lighting such as LEDs. These will make you enjoy a great autonomy (economies). A torch that has several LEDs will provide you with much better lighting. Moreover, some models have 28 LEDs. There are also standard bulbs, xenon, halogen, and Krypton.

In terms of power, you have the choice between:

-Batteries Rechargeable or non-rechargeable battery

-A unique and practical torch model: solar-powered

 Rechargeable or non-rechargeable battery

Depending on what you are looking for, we advise you to choose a torch not too large. It should not be too cumbersome or too heavy.

If you want a classic lamp without options, then choose a truly simple model with only one On / Off button. Before you make your choice, do not hesitate to use it. Getting started is important.
To prevent your flashlight from taking water, we recommend that you turn to a waterproof model.

Garbage Disposal Advice

A food or garbage disposer is a nice complement to any kitchen, as it gets rid of garbage to the drain in your sink rather than leaving it rotting in the trash. A food crusher turns items you place into your drain into a paste that can easily be thrown into the pipes. As long as you have had a qualified electrician install a socket under the sink, a food grinder can be installed with relative ease.

View Instructions

-Turn off the power to the outlet in which you intend to connect the grinder.

-Place a towel under the drain of your sink. Place the bucket on top of this towel.

-Put on your safety glasses and gloves.

-Use a pliers to unscrew and disconnect hoses extending from the bottom of the sink.

-Turn the sink flange counterclockwise to remove it from draining your sink. Get out of the trap.

-Apply a thin layer of plumber putty around the wires of the new sink flange. Place it in the drain of your sink.

-Place a heavy book on top of the flange to hold it in place.

-Hold the top assembly assembly from the food crusher to the underside of your sink. While holding there, use a screwdriver to secure the top mounting assembly to the flange.

-Refer to the instructions that came with your food shredder for where to place the sink seal. Slide the mounting ring over the edge of the sink.

-Connect the exhaust tube from your food mill to the drain hoses. Place the drain hoses on the exhaust outlet of the crusher and turn the fixture clockwise.

-Make sure that it is completely unclogged whenever you do anything with it as this can really mess up the motor if you don’t deal with it right away.

Now you are ready to plug in your garbage disposal and start using it.